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What About Bob?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

What about Bob?  Not the movie character about a successful psychotherapist driven to distraction by an obsessive-compulsive patient, but Bob from a local community fretting at your public involvement meeting that his house or neighborhood is going to be paved over due to a proposed highway expansion.   What if technology can communicate the impact to Bob’s world in real time, and remove the fear of asking “What’s happening?”

Consider an alternative approach to the infamous 2D/3D boards: “Bob, where do you live? Show me in this 3d interactive model. OK, let’s double click and stand in your driveway and examine the impact of the proposed designs and alternatives. Better still, you hold the tablet and take a look around. Click that pull-down menu to see the alternatives and their impact. Any questions? Where are the sound walls? Good question. Well, actually they won’t impact your neighborhood, but if you click here and look to the East and you’ll see the noise walls over there about 1.5 miles from your neighborhood. Anything else? Sure, you can see it from the 2nd floor of your home. We call this the Spiderman feature – double click on a window on the 2nd floor of your house. There, now you can see the proposed design from your bedroom window.

“It’s too bad your family and neighbor couldn’t make this meeting; however, you can take parts of the meeting back to them. Use this link on your smart phone to show them what you have seen here, and here is another link to use the free Virtual Reality version and take a look around and discuss it with your family and neighbors.

“Any additional questions or comments, Bob? Yes, the additional alternative we spoke about as a result of this meeting will be added to the model so you can view it online and provide any additional comments or feedback.”

Bottom line: don’t lose your mind trying to explain the complex to Bob. Instead, utilize available technology (and Spiderman), so Bob can see for himself and you can earn his YES!

Sound familiar? Let’s talk.

Gary Rackliff / Real Image Solutions

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