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Publish don't Render

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Did you know that 123BIM is famous for a “publish, don’t render” approach to visualization modeling because it changes the way team members collaborate with each other and communicate to stakeholders and the public?

Real Image Solutions, an SBE/BDI and FDOT service provider, is a visualization and technology firm that supports transportation and infrastructure communications. By utilizing 123BIM’s Rapid Design Visualization workflow and 3D interactive platform designers and stakeholders can view existing and proposed conditions in real-time anywhere, at any time, on any computer, SmartScreen or mobile device. Why wait for visual assets to render in available time, when you can have them in realtime!


123BIM works directly within the CAD platform to develop and publish 3-D virtual models of your project much more quickly than traditional image and video production methods.


123BIM is a 3-D virtual model that provides a flexible and versatile set of tools that can be used by the project team in a variety of ways to provide effective communication throughout the project lifecycle.

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