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123BIM & Roundabouts

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

This smaller project shows 123BIM is not limited to large projects with huge budgets. The area of interest is located in the historic town of Monroe in the State of Connecticut, and the area of concern is the intersection of SR110 intersecting SR111.

This intersection has a higher than usual accident rate, and a solution was sought by city officials and the CDOT. The model was initially created at the 60% design phase, and was used extensively for internal design review, public hearings, and meetings with town officials.  They wanted to introduce a roundabout for traffic calming.

After the meetings, they took the feedback and tweaked the design.

One of the main points of concern was the retaining wall that dated back to colonial times – a historical landmark. They had to assure everybody they were not going to take out that wall. In this 123BIM interactive model of both existing conditions and the proposed design, you can see the old retaining wall inside a new retaining wall, thus protecting history.

The other element of contention was the centerpiece in the roundabout. They tried a flag pole, stone structures with Welcome sign, but instead chose to install a bell tower that honored the city’s former bell foundry.

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