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Remote Project Collaboration & Virtual Public Meetings

Virtual Tours are one of the many different ways to experience a 123BIM model.


Use your smartphone camera to scan the QR code for a 123BIM interactive Virtual Tour, or Click on the image above.

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In today’s social distancing environment, the ability to host live collaboration sessions and interactively move to different viewpoints showing different conditions has become even more critical to the stakeholder engagement process. Virtual Tours (VT), that can be shared with the stakeholders are an important tool for collaboration beyond the project design team.

Virtual tours make it easy to share the 3-D model in a simplified web-hosted interface that is accessible on computers, phones, and tablets. Many clients have posted links to 3-D virtual tours on project websites, included links and scannable QR codes on brochures and hand-outs, and provided touch-screen virtual tours at open house meetings.

With nothing to download or install, 123BIM allows for clear and effective communication with stakeholders that is more important than ever in the social distancing environment. 

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Web-based platform 

123BIM is the only web-based platform that provides rapid development and delivery from within your CAD platform and reduces cost due to dynamic conceptual design updates and Realtime project collaboration that enables visualizations to keep up with design changes, resulting in manhour reduction.

Multiple Design Alternatives 

123BIM provides multiple design alternatives in context in a single 3-D model, accessible by designers and stakeholders on any device. 

Instant Social Media Connectivity

123BIM offers one-click ‘instant’ social media connectivity to communicate the complex to the stakeholder public. Nothing to download or install. 

Cost Reduction

Your Design Data + No Change in Your Design Process = Manhour ROI


FDOT D3 presenting the US 231 capacity project with flyovers using 123BIM Virtual Tour - Bay County TPO Meeting, Callaway Arts & Conference Center - 500 Callaway Pkwy, Callaway, FL 32404


Better Way = 123BIM in your CAD production workflow via Publish Don’t Render

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